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Here are a few simple interview tips that can help give you a head start.

• Be prompt! (be at least 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork)

• Dress in professional business attire.

• Be pleasant and smile (you are looking for a job so make sure you show   them you are happy to be there).

• Shake hands warmly, and look your interviewer in the eye. Be   confident since you wouldn't be there is you didn't have the skills.

• Prepare a short synopsis of your skills and talents. No more than 2 minutes.

• Be prepared to present what you can offer to the employer

• Be prepared. (Bring a copy of your resume and any/or all certificates)

• During the interview, ask questions about how you can help the employer   listen to the answers.

• Save questions about employee benefits until you need the information to   make a decision about joining the firm.

• Keep discussion of personal matters to a minimum.

• Refrain from negative comments concerning previous employers. Emphasize   the positive ways in which you handled a difficult situation if one existed.·   If, toward the end of the interview, you have some skills that weren't   explored in the interview, be sure to mention them now. This is your chance   to showcase your talents. (If you have a portfolio of your work, that's even   better!)

Always follow up within a day or two with a Thank You phone call to your interviewer. This will make you stand out from the crowd.

You will be on the path right path with your future employer by following these simple steps.


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